Update: Intruders in Haus Unger

Dear dorm mates,

in the very early morning of Friday, February 2nd, at around 2:30am, a dorm mate (N.) watched intruders taking food out of a refrigerator. They were the same ones, that came here before a few times in April 2017. When N. shouted and woke up her neighbours, the intruders ran away. N. describes them as one tall, thin man with a face full of scars like he’d had a bad acne, and a small thin woman, who is dressed like a prostitute in Kurf├╝rstenstrasse. They both looked to her as if they were Romani.
Another dorm mate (A.) then walked through the dorm to look for the intruders, but they were already gone. A. found that out of 10 kitchens in the house, only two were locked, even if it was 3am…

In the U-Bahn station Nollendorfplatz, we found this poster, on which the police of Berlin is asking for help to clear up an attempted holdup murder in an area not that far from the dorm. This showed us, how unpredictible people may react under certain conditions.

So again, please note: Lock the doors to your kitchens at night! Let’s give the intruders a hard time! Don’t prevent the doors from closing! (With the key that the intruders have, they can still enter in the first floor. We already spoke to the administration (Frau Schultze) and asked them to change that lock too.)

If you happen to meet the intruders: Assume that they might be dangerous. If you don’t feel safe, don’t take any risk.

The dorm mate (N.) reported this incident to the police. She now got invited to identify the intruders on photos she will be shown. This means, the police is informed too. Don’t hesitate calling 110 in case you see the intruders.

If you want to know what happened before, take a look into the Wiki article.

Take care of yourselves and your belongings. We will stay tuned and let you know.

The SV

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