Bicycle thieves spotted!

Dear dorm mates,
on Tuesday morning, I wanted to unlock my bike (the blue one with the yellow saddle), when I noticed apparently broken open bike lock. I think I only noticed it because it had seen the evening before, that I was parking my bicycle next to Klaas’ one, which I knew. So I called him directly, and he came out and he confirmed: his bike had been stolen!

The bike lock was not sawn, but rather chopped by a bolt cutter (right? or does anyone know better?)

Luckily, Klaas’ bike’s one tyre was flat. That was apparently annoying to the thief, and so he left the dorm with the bike but abandoned it right next to the dorm on the sidewalk.

As you can see, even a heavy lock from a known brand cannot securely lock your bicycle. So if you’re having an expensive bike, better get yourself an insurance. There are special bicycle theft insurances, but usually it is covered by a normal household insurance.
Else, take your bike into your room every time you get home.

Take care of yourselves and your bikes,
Your SV

Posted by hausungr