Online-Tool to check the status of the washing machines

Dear dorm mates,
we asked the company that is doing the technical support for our washing machines, wether there is a possibility to check online, if there is a washing machine available, before going down to the laundry in the basement.
Technical support says that it is possible, and it can look like this: Example of a self-service laundry in Gneisenaustra├če. (User: xt , Password: xt)

One thing would be different to the example if we get this tool: it won’t show the remaining time. That means, you could only see, if there are machines available right now. You could not see when the machines are going to be available again.

We put a note for everyone in your letterboxes. On this note, you can vote wether you want this tool or not. Please fill it out and put it in the “SV”-letterbox. It will cost us 150 Euro to get this tool, and we don’t want to decide on our owns.

If you have questions, contact Markus or ask in the Facebook-Group.

Posted by hausungr