Haus Unger, Derfflingerstrasse in Berlin-Tiergarten

Just moved in?? If you have questions on the life in Haus Unger, have a quick look in our Wiki, we have gathered some useful information there. If you cannot find the answer for what you’re looking for, write us an e-Mail and we will try to help you!

Already moved in a while ago? Save the dates for upcoming parties, plenary meetings with elections or any other event in our calendar.

You’re not sure, for which dorm you should apply? Well, we cannot make this decision for you, but in our blog, you may gain an impression on what’s going on in Haus Unger.

Or you just want to see how we live? For all the voyeurs out there, we made this gallery here, where you can take all your time to take a close look on Haus Unger.